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Chris Sadowski

Owner of Angelic Marine

Morehead City, NC


Fighting chairs, spear guns, and dry boxes are just a few of the many custom carpentry pieces Chris Sadowski constructs in his workshop, located in the heart of Morehead City, North Carolina. Chris is well-known in our area for his level of craftsmanship as a carpenter, as well as his ability to use colorful epoxies within his pieces, creating a unique gem-like appearance that’s sure to stand out amongst the crowd. We were excited to grab an interview with Chris in his shop’s brand-new location, and thoroughly enjoyed hearing about where he gains his inspiration, as well as how he got started working in his profession.

Born and raised in Beaufort, North Carolina, Chris is no stranger to the coastal lifestyle. When he wasn’t in school as a child, you would probably find him riding motocross, skating around town, or catching waves with friends in Atlantic Beach. He recalls always having a creative side, and being infatuated with wood from a young age. He remembers building airplanes out of wooden blocks in the first grade as well as tooling around with toy hammers and other building supplies during play time. “I just always had a knack for things like that”, he said.

As a sophomore in High School, Chris began building Carolina boats with his uncle Robbie Britt at Heritage Boatworks. “He was the only one in the family that really loved wood like I did,” Chris said. After a few years of gaining experience with carpentry, he began transitioning into working on his own, and presented a newfound creativity in creating upscale custom pieces. “The transition didn’t scare me”, he said, “It excited me”. Chris emersed himself into improving his craft and eventually set up a workspace in his own backyard garage before finally moving into a shop of his own a few years later.

When the time came to choose a name for his business venture, Chris knew he wanted it to be personal and a true reflection of his work. “I feel I have a close relationship with God, and I wanted the name to be a part of that,” said Chris. He described his style as being pretty and smooth, and felt the word “angelic” accurately exemplified how he wanted his work portrayed to the public. After carful deliberation, Chris decided on naming his business Angelic Marine.

Since his start years ago, Chris has gained quite the name for himself in the counties yachting industry for his outstanding dedication to craftsmanship. Focusing mainly on upscale interior, he aims to ensure each customer is satisfied and their vision brought to life with every project he acquires. Over the years, he’s worked toward perfecting the balance between work and pleasure and makes sure to take on a limited number of projects at once, ensuring he upholds quality while still enjoying every step along the way. “I’m focused, but chill” Chris said. “When you get in go, go, go mode you stop enjoying it and stress yourself out”. He spends weekdays in shop and most weekends relaxing and enjoying time with his son unless deadlines require him to work extra hours.

When asked what inspires him the most, Chris answered assuredly that it was his happy customers. “It’s just a good feeling to see people happy because of something I did” he said. His laid-back composure makes him easy to work, and his attention to detail speaks for itself. In the coming weeks we look forward to documenting some of Chris’s projects, and can’t wait to share them with you, too.

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