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Here at Impulse Trading Company, we specialize in the supply and retail of import and domestic hardwood lumber, as well various panel products, composites, and sheet veneer. Partnered with our sister company Veneer Technologies, we proudly stand as one of Eastern North Carolina’s largest service-based distribution facilities, carrying a comprehensive selection of inventory to ensure optimum customer satisfaction. 
With over 30 years of industry experience, our team strives to uphold quality assurance from beginning to end in our pursuit of excellence.  Our strong core values influence how we do business, and assure each customer gets the personalized experience they deserve. We strive for integrity, respect, and safety and look forward to providing a high-quality standard, every time.

Meet the Team

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Sales Manager | Jack King

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Staff | Wesley Hupp

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Staff | Michael Hardy

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General Manager
Lukas Weygoldt

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Social Media Manager
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Impulse Trading: a Timeline


The Founding

The Mill Outlet



Jack King

Market Collapse



AV Distribution

Impulse Trading Co.


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In the early 1950’s, entrepreneur and international businessman Karl Heinz Möhring founded the beginning stage of what would be named the Möhring group, a veneer mill in Hamburg, Germany. Over the next few years, a multitude of expansions took place. Warehouses were established, along with machinery and offices as well as other satellite locations which would soon include Atlantic Veneer in Beaufort, North Carolina.  From this point on, Mr. Möhring rarely missed an opportunity to expand and improve his future enterprises.

Mr. Möhring was not only making a name for himself in the forest industry.  His keen awareness of the coming global economy and changing technologies allowed his company to continue to diversify and grow, which would soon make way for the creation for the Atlantic Veneer Mill Outlet.   AV Mill outlet was a compatible hardwood lumber and plywood business that would allow our local community to take advantage of the fast-growing local economy.
Although things were going well for AV, the potential to grow seemed clear.  In order to focus on more regional distribution like carpentry and boatbuilding, Jack King was brought on board to join the team as general manager.  Jack was no stranger to the wood industry and worked in many setting before coming to AV, his most recent job being architectural millwork. Jack’s main goal during this time was to oversee product development and all purchases and sales.  His impact on both the business’s development and efficiency were considerable during this time.
In 2008, Atlantic Veneer and the Mill Outlet faced challenging times upon the country’s economic collapse.  The location that was once considered a community outreach for locals, was now struggling to keep its doors open, and would be forced to rebrand and reinvent itself.  Soon, the focus of the company would shift toward distribution, and the Mill Outlet would discover a new niche as a service-based industry
Ultimately changing their name to Atlantic Veneer Distribution in the year 2014 was a turning point for the Mill Outlet.  The company took its attention to service seriously and created great relations with surrounding areas by putting emphasis on its customer’s needs, working around the clock and making deliveries at all times of the day.  This gained them respect, and a strong repour was established with their customer base, many of which being boat builders and carpenters in the area.

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Our Sustainability Promise

At Impulse Trading we hold a strong commitment to the preservation and protection of the forests.  We understand that environmental sustainability affects every stage of the supply chain, and take our responsibility to protect our colleagues, our customers, and the environment very seriously.  We believe in promoting the Forest Stewardship Council, and ensuring the environment is respected by following strict guidelines put into place by our company.  

Our wood sources are controlled to exclude any product illegally harvested, as well as product harvested where conservation values are threatened by management activities.  We refuse to purchase wood harvested in forests being converted for non-forest use, and also from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted.

It is by this philosophy that we seek success for our company, customers, and our community. Our goal is to build trust between ourselves and you, the valuable customer that depends on our product.


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